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  • Statutory purposes/goals of the Polish Federation of Construction are implemented through the following programs and activities:

    1. Education and certification - to improve the quality of management.

    Assistance in implementing quality management systems.

    Certification under the "Leader of high quality in construction."

    2. Logistics

    Developing and implementing solutions reducing costs and improving logistics management.

    3. Promoting companies.

    4. Economic and legal consults.

    5. Secure business - a program of insurance and security in the business.

    6. Supporting legal solutions good for the economy through participation in

    public consults and delegating representatives to advisory bodies - government and public administration / lobbying /.

    7. Culture, entertainment and recreation.


    By gaining a strong position in the market, the Federation will effectively influence the organizing and ordering of the building materials market in Poland and in European Union countries. Lobbying activities carried out in the legislative process will influence the shaping of laws favorable to the members of the Federation. In particular, we want to change many existing laws, hurting businesses. The Federation supports its members by providing them with legal and organizational support in the face of a threat posed to them by the various agencies and institutions.


    A rich, adapted to market needs program: courses, workouts and training and the possibility of interactive information exchange, in a specially designed and created website is another offer for companies who are members of the Federation. We know that the development of competencies, both managers and staff, is now an extremely important challenge.