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Ordinary members

  • Members of the Polish Federation of Building receive benefits such as:

    - Certificate of membership and the right to use the logo of the Federation,

    -An actual impact on the legal solutions concerning the construction,

    - Participation in specialist training - free of charge or at preferential rates,

    - Assistance in implementing the quality management system,

    - Legal aid - free of charge or at a preferential price,

    - Access to a common base pricing, which significantly reduces the costs of adjusting prices to changes made by manufacturers,

    - Free access to information on unreliable payers,

    - Advertising on the website of the Federation and the possibility of advertising www.pfb.org.pl during actions organized by the Federation - on preferential terms,

    reduces costs by sharing the same insurer, as well as other events organized jointly,

    - Possibilities: integration, exchange of experiences and mutual support.

    Membership fee.

    Adopted by the General Assembly the amount of membership fee for ordinary members, in 2012, is 480 zł per year - 40 zł per month.